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Janitorial Service in Atlanta, GA

If you operate a commercial or industrial business, you certainly know how important professional janitorial services are to the success of your business. A janitorial service well provided is one which gets the job done to satisfaction via cleaning experts while not violating state laws as it applies to the businesses.

Trustworthy & Reliable Industrial Maintenance

When you think industrial maintenance, think Cleaning Wizards because hiring a professional janitorial service provider like us is the best choice to make as we ensure a clean, healthy and safe environment for business constantly. Go ahead to focus on your business growth and development while you leave the maintenance to us.

At Cleaning Wizards, we understand this and also know the various hazards that are associated with various chemicals. We are a professional company and we are aware of the need to follow environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards in carrying out our janitorial services. We make use of standard chemicals that cater for industrial strength cleaning needs.

Affordable, Professional facility maintenance services

Depending on your preference, we are able to provide preventive maintenance by making us of scheduled shutdowns while we also do routine clean ups. Our team of janitors are professionals who have experience when it comes to commercial settings.

Cleaning Wizards services may include:

  • window cleaning
  • pressure cleaning
  • carpet cleaning
  • floor cleaning
  • equipment cleaning

In addition, we provide power washing cleaning services. Power washing is one the most sort after cleaning service among industrial businesses and we are capable of offering this service seamlessly.

Mold & Mildew Removal

We are effective in successfully removing mildew and molds, cleaning tile grouts and building exteriors.

It is unappealing to have mold and mildew around work environment as it can pose a serious threat to the health of employees. Having sick employees as a result of airborne related illness will not enable them to work at full capacity. When you prevent illness in workplace, you get to experience increase the quality of work employees produce.


Hire us today for janitorial services and facility maintenance

Hence hiring the cleaning services of our professional janitors will the greatest investment you will be making your commercial or industrial business. Let us help you create a serene environment for your clients and employees. We are great at helping workers of industrial businesses to increase efficiency and productivity as we carry out impeccable janitorial services.